Please check all documents that are relevant to either you and/or your spouse, if applicable, and provide us with a copy of the applicable documents, if possible:


A Last Will and Testament is document by which you identify those individuals (or charities) that are to receive your property and possessions on your death. A Personal Representative is the individual(s) you name to manage your affairs and probate your Will after you pass. Please note that under Florida law, if the personal representative is not related to you, or the spouse of someone related to you, he or she must be a Florida resident. You may also select “joint” personal representatives or a “corporate” personal representative (e.g., bank or trust company).



If you are considering establishing a trust during your life or after your death for a spouse, child, grandchild, parent or another person or charity (especially to avoid payment of large sums of money to a beneficiary at one time, or prior to a beneficiary attaining a certain age, or for a specific purpose), whom do you want to nominate as the trustee? You may also select “co-trustees” or a “corporate” trustee (e.g., bank or trust company).

Durable power of attorney is a document authorizing another person to control your assets on your behalf and for your benefit. This document takes effect immediately upon execution (i.e., this is not simply just effective if and when you become incapacitated). It is important that you choose an individual that you feel will always act in your best interest and manage your assets in the same manner you would.


Designation of Healthcare Surrogate is a document authorizing another person to carry out your wishes in the event you are unable to communicate your decisions concerning extending, withholding or withdrawing life-prolonging procedures under certain legally-permissible circumstances.

Living Will is a document which reflects your decision regarding the withholding or withdrawal of life prolonging procedures in the event you should have a terminal condition. It also specifies instructions for your surrogate with regard to end-of-life decisions. If you desire to have a Living Will, this can be prepared as a separate document, or together with your Designation of Healthcare Surrogate. Just let us know how you would prefer. There is no right or wrong answer.


Note: The following is a financial summary for estate and tax planning purposes. Further detailed information and copies of documents concerning particular assets and liabilities may be requested. In lieu of completing this summary, you may substitute a current financial statement.


Client Information

U.S. Citizen

Florida resident

Do you claim Florida homestead exemption

Marital status

Marital history: Have you ever been divorced or widowed?

Family Information


U.S. Citizen

Florida Resident

Marital history: Have you ever been divorced or widowed?

Has any child predeceased you?

If you have any children, please state the legal name, birth date and current address of each of your children and state whether a child has any children (i.e., your grandchildren). Do not include a step child or foster child who lives with you.

Did they have children?

Did they have children?

Did they have children?

Did they have children?

Did they have children?


Do you currently have any existing wills or trusts, including “Living Wills” or “Living Trusts?”

Have you made any gifts in excess of the federal exclusion amount ($15,000) per year to any person? If yes, please include gift tax returns.

Are you a party to a pre- or post- nuptial agreement, divorce decree or marital agreement? If yes, please provide a copy with all subsequent modifications.

Are you the beneficiary or do you have a Power of Appointment in any will or trust created by someone else?

Do you have an interest in any business? If so please attach any and all documentation regarding what happens to your interest upon your death. (e.g., partnership agreement, Limited Liability Company Agreement, shareholder agreement, stock option plan, buy-sell agreement, etc.)

Do you have an existing Power of Attorney/Advance Directive for management of property or health care?

Personal Representative

Alternate Personal Representative

Some probate judges will allow the personal representative to serve without having to post a bond if the decedent’s will waives the bond requirement. Other judges refuse to allow a waiver because of concerns about protecting estate creditors and beneficiaries from misfeasance or nonfeasance. NOTE: A fiduciary bond is a type of surety bond required by the court to ensure proper performance of duties.

Do you want your personal representative or alternate to be required post a bond (which is paid by your estate) to be able to serve?


If you have any children who are minors, a guardian should be named in your will to care for their person and to manage their property until they attain 18 years of age in the event of the death of both parents. You may nominate “joint” guardians. You may also nominate separate guardians for a child, that is, a “guardian of the person” and a “guardian of the property” especially if a proposed guardian may not be suitable for handling a child's property and finances. A guardian of the property could include a “corporate” guardian or corporate co-guardian. Please note that under Florida law, if the person you nominate as guardian is not related to the child, he or she must be a Florida resident to be appointed.

Alternate Guardian


List any specific items (e.g., automobiles, jewelry, personal effects, etc.) or specific amounts of money that you wish to leave to one or more beneficiaries. If you have a large number of items of “tangible personal property” that you want to give to several persons, you may want to consider having a “separate writing” prepared.

2. RESIDUE (the rest)

Please indicate, by checking the appropriate option, how you want your assets to pass when you die. Please feel free to make modifications by annotating the options to best suit your needs and wishes. For information on leaving funds/assets to minors, see the section titled “MINORS”



Primary Trustee

Alternate Trustee

Do you want your trustee or alternate to be required to post a bond (which is paid from the trust assets) to be able to serve?

Additional information

Primary Agent Information

Alternate Agent

Second Alternate Agent

Health care surrogate

Alternate health care surrogate

If you are designating more than one person to act as your health care surrogate, choose one of the following:

If you have named two surrogates and wish to designate a third, please let us know. These documents are tailored to your wishes. Do not hesitate to specify exactly what you want.

Living Will

Here are some general statements about choices you have as to health care you want at the end of your life. Put a check next to whichever choices best fit your wishes. Any combination can be used but if you choose “Direction to Prolong My Life (to the greatest extent possible)”, no other choices should be checked.

Do You Have Specific Limitations on Medical Treatments I Want: (NOTE: mark one or more choices below.) If I have a terminal condition, or am in an irreversible coma or a persistent vegetative state that my doctors reasonably believe to be irreversible or incurable, I do want the medical treatment necessary to provide care that would keep me comfortable, but I do not want the following:

Direction to Prolong My Life:


Organ Donation:

Tangible Personal Property

By default, your tangible personal property (such as furniture, vehicles, jewelry or artwork) will be distributed according to your directions in your Will. Only complete the Tangible Personal Property chart if you have tangible personal property that you would like to go to a particular person or the property is of substantial value (famous artwork, diamonds, etc.). Please complete this section if you are concerned that those who inherit under your will not be able to reach an accord on the distribution of certain pieces of property, to minimize potential conflicts.

Safe Deposit Boxes

Bank Accounts

Stocks, Bonds, Treasury Notes, Other Investments (Not Real Property)

Real Estate

Please provide a copy of the deed for each property.

Business Interests

Business Owners: Please provie tax id number, exact business name, and how you wish for ownership to pass under your Will. If succession plan is available, please include.

Life Insurance, IRA's, Pernsions, 401(k)s, Annuities

Mortage, Notes, and Other Receivables (Payable/Owed to YOU)

Motor Vehicles

Other Assets (Trusts, Investment Interests, Anticipated Inheritances ro Gifts, Lawsuits)

Mortgage(s) on homestead

Mortgage(s) on other real property

Personal or unsecured debt you owe to others

Other significant debts, liabilities and judgements

Total Liabilities


Please provide the name, address and telephone number of your:
It is important to us to have the information of those you work closely with to maintain your financial health. In addition, when your relatives are managing your estate or trust, they will need guidance and they may not know who to call. This information will help us better serve your relatives after your passing. You are more than welcome to pass along our contact information to these professionals as well!

Confirmation of information and instructions: I confirm the information provided by me in this questionnaire is complete and accurate, and that the instructions I am providing reflect my wishes.